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"I am so excited about the IntrovertU app! It's a wonderful opportunity to learn "on the go" -  like a friend who is always ready to help me grow to be my most authentic and productive self. The courses and community enable me to feel more confident, competent, and connected as an introverted entrepreneur. A winning trio!"

Heidi Kasevich


Test-drive the IntrovertU community and platform for a full 7 days completely free. No catch. Then, if you agree this is the most valuable and connected community to gain the proven tools and strategies you need to thrive as an introvert you simply do nothing and after the 7 days it is just $497 each year and your access will continue. And if for any reason it’s not for you, simply click one button inside your account to cancel, or email us before the 7 days are over and you won’t pay us a single dime.

Immediately. We want to show you that you are part of the greatest platform out there for introverts to learn how to leverage their natural strengths to succeed and grow. A bold promise we feel capable of delivering. Remember, you’ll get instant access to all past trainings and we will be adding two new ones every month in order to make sure you stay engaged as well as to help you become the success you were always meant to be – without changing who you are.

There is no catch. If you feel that IntrovertU isn’t for you after your 7-day free trial is over, then you can cancel right inside your account.

And we know “Free” usually means it’s worthless or there is a huge catch.

So why are we doing this?

Reason #1 – This is more than a learning platform to us. We are on a mission to help introverts all over the world discover they are NOT second-class citizens, that their path to success is just different to that of an extrovert.

Reason #2 – We want to confront this ridiculous ‘Gift-of-Gab’ stigma head on! It is our profound hope that by providing you access to the IntrovertU platform, community and this amazing lifetime bonus, you’ll share what you learn with other introverts. That you will become an outspoken introverted success story and inspire your introverted friends to see their introversion as an edge, not a disadvantage.

Reason #3 – We want to earn your trust, your faith and your business. We want to over deliver in such a huge way by allowing you to not only see this is a real option for you, but actually make it real and launch to the world. So that after 7 days you will decide to stay with us, become an ongoing member of our family… and allow us to keep training and teaching you each month to reach the success you desire.

This is for introverted entrepreneurs and small business owners who are tired of false promises, overnight “get rich for doing nothing” programs, and trainings that push you to be someone that you’re not. It’s for those ready to learn exactly what to do and then do the work. What we’ve created has already helped people just like you all around the world unlock their introverted strengths and grow their businesses, without changing who they are. We are confident we can do the same for you. If you willing to take action and do the work.

We really doubt that. But in the rare case that it happens, we have made it so simple for you to say “not for me” at anytime before the 7 days are over by clicking one button or sending one email and you are never charged a penny. And if for some reason after you’re a full fledged member paying $47 a month and you want to stop the subscription, you can cancel with one click from your account, or simply send an email and we will cancel your membership immediately. 

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