Happy World Introvert Day

Are you an introvert entrepreneur? 

Introverts are often misunderstood. We’re not shy or antisocial. We just need (and often prefer) to spend time alone to energize and recharge.

But that doesn’t mean we can’t be successful entrepreneurs!

In fact, many of the most famous and influential business leaders in history are introverts such as Marissa Mayer, Bill Gates and Warren Buffett to name a few.

Here at IntrovertU Entrepreneur, our mission is to help YOU thrive as an introverted entrepreneur, through bite-sized trainings, alongside an extraordinary community to support you on your journey towards success.

To celebrate World Introvert Day we are giving you 50% off all trainings and bundles.


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trainings & bundles

How to Hold Yourself Accountable

Was $47 Now $23.50

plus 30 days free membership to IntrovertU

Learn strategies that empower introverts to stay on track, discover how to analyze what you need to be productive and how to create a strong accountability plan that works for you.

Making a Great First Impression

Was $47 Now $23.50

plus 30 days free membership to IntrovertU

You only get one chance to make a first impression. To do that you need to be aware of the things that make people like you. Learn how to get started on the right foot.

Launch Your Speaking Career the Introverted Way

Was $79 Now $39.50

plus 30 days free membership to IntrovertU

Learn how Mike launched his speaking career without ever having to rub shoulders or cold call. Get paid gigs all over the US just by sending a few emails from the comfort of your own home.

Get Your Message in Front of Thousands

Was $97 Now $48.50

plus 30 days free membership to IntrovertU

Reach more people with your message, get clients chasing you, and be seen as an expert in your field. Learn how to leverage podcast interviews to rapidly grow your business.

The Power of Consistency in Your Business

Was $47 Now $23.50

plus 30 days free membership to IntrovertU

Learn how to cultivate consistency in your business, and how to overcome some of the physical and mindset blocks that might be stopping you being consistent.

Negotiate Your Way onto the Main Stage

Was $47 Now $23.50

plus 30 days free membership to IntrovertU

Learn how to get paid what you deserve for your speaking gigs. Discover how to prepare for a negotiation call, what to say, and how to create trust with potential clients.

Small Business Growth & Networking Bundle

Valued at $247 Now $98

plus 30 days free membership to IntrovertU

Learn how to network with this bundle of trainings and exclusive interviews. Bundle includes: Channeling Your Superpower Live, Mentally Prepare for Networking training and 5x Networking Titan Interviews.

Get Paid to Get Clients

Was $97 Now $48.50

plus 30 days free membership to IntrovertU

The number one thing that has helped Matthew attract new clients is speaking from stage. In this training, he shares the process that has worked for him: Sharing stories that speak to your ideal clients needs.

Show Your Reel Personality

Was $47 Now $23.50

plus 30 days free membership to IntrovertU

When it comes to business, what makes you different is YOU. Learn why Reels are such a fun and creative way to showcase your personality and how it can help you gain you incredible reach on Instagram.

No Small Talk Sales Meeting

Was $127 Now $63.50

plus 30 days free membership to IntrovertU

Learn to sell over the phone or in a Zoom meeting, while completely sidestepping the awkward small talk element of the sales process. Matthew shares the exact scripts he uses to skip the small talk and get the sale.

Overcoming Shyness in Sales

Was $47 Now $23.50

plus 30 days free membership to IntrovertU

Do you feel anxious about sales? Learn how you can be effective in sales even if you are shy, discover way to increase your confidence, how to reduce shyness when you’re selling, and the questions you should be asking to get the sale.

Create a Pre-work Ritual to Increase Productivity

Was $79 Now $39.50​

plus 30 days free membership to IntrovertU

Productivity is so much more than just time management. Learn the four puzzle pieces of productivity and how to optimize each component, the importance of setting a routine, and how to build your own pre-work ritual.

Creating Packages that sell

Was $127 Now $63.50​

plus 30 days free membership to IntrovertU

In order to be successful in selling your products or services, you need to learn how to package them in a way that is compelling and easy for potential customers to understand. Learn how to think creatively about your offers and create packages that sell.

Small Business Growth & Sales Bundle

Valued at $247 Now $98

plus 30 days free membership to IntrovertU

A bundle of powerful trainings to help you make more sales. Includes: How to Channel Your Superpower Live, Create Packages that Sell Training, and 5x Sales Titan Interviews.

30-days free access to IntrovertU with every single purchase

What is IntrovertU?

The IntrovertU online learning platform combines the power of expert-led micro-trainings with a private, inspirational community to empower you on your entrepreneurial journey

You’ll experience transformational growth in an easy-to-digest format. And you’ll get support and accountability from fellow introverted entrepreneurs around the world.


Expert Trainings From Introverted Coaches and Introverted Industry Titans

You get access to hours and hours of historic trainings created by introverts for introverts. And with two new trainings added every month, you’ll have all the strategies and tools you need to help you thrive as an introverted entrepreneur.

Our micro-training format is easy to digest and helps you work towards achieving a bigger goal over time. With trainings no more than 90 minutes, broken down into short bite-sized lessons, you can learn from leading experts without the overwhelm.

Exclusive Interviews & Workshops

You’ll also find deep-dive workshops, plus over 50 introverted speaker interviews covering topics such as mindset, marketing, networking, sales, and more. 

A Safe & Supportive Community

This is a community dedicated to providing a place for introverts to speak openly about their fears and barriers, trade strategies, share their learnings, and celebrate progress and successes.

We see this community as the end of feeling isolated as introverts. We might have a need to be less sociable to reduce overstimulation, but we don’t have to do it alone.


Frequently Asked Questions

The month of January is Productivity Power-Up Month at IntrovertU.

A month dedicated to setting goals, creating the habits to help you achieve them and learning ways to be your most productive as an introvert.

Here’s the agenda:

  • Jan 4th: Member Town Hall: Goal Setting Session – A virtual zoom session to help you set clear and specific goals for 2023.
  • Jan 11th: Live Creator Q&A – A live Q&A with Emma-Louise Parkes to answer your questions on The Power of Consistency in Your Business.
  • Jan 18th: Productivity for Introverts Live Panel Discussion  + Member Mixer Roundtable Discussions – A live panel discussion with various speakers on the topic of Productivity for Introverts, with intimate members only roundtable discussions right after.
  • Jan 19th – Feb 1st: Two Week Success Sprint – A two week accountability challenge inside the IntrovertU community. Set your goal and intentions, and we will help you stay accountable with daily check-in’s and weekly reflections.
  • Jan 25th: Virtual Coworking Focus Hour – An accountability hour to help you make progress on a project, or complete a task you’ve been putting off.

Why not take advantage of all the events to have your most productive month yet! Get 30 days free membership with every training or bundle purchase.

Yes! You will get lifetime access to all the trainings you purchase, along with free membership to access other trainings inside IntrovertU.

If you stay as an IntrovertU member you get access to micro-trainings as well as bonus resources, interviews and workshops, and co-working sessions.

You will get access to all the current and future trainings inside IntrovertU, for as long as you stay a member.

This excludes Premium Courses and Certifications.

We currently have two plans available for IntrovertU. The investment is normally $47 per month or $497 annually. You get 30 days free access for every training you purchase.

For example: 1 trainings = 30 days membership, and 2 trainings = 60 days membership etc.

You’ll instantly get 30 days free access to the membership content and portal. Please note that additional days will be added manually by admin within 48 hours of your purchase.

You’ll join a safe community of fellow introverts, where you can ask questions and get support from peers, creators, and members of the IntrovertU team.

There are also additional support plans that provide accountability and one to one guidance. Get in touch for more details.

We offer a 24-hour money-back guarantee if you change your mind. Please note, if you have completed over 50% of a course (or any bonus courses), we will not be able to provide a refund.

If you decide you no longer want to be a member, you can cancel anytime inside your account.

You will still have lifetime access to all the trainings you purchased, but will not longer have access to any other trainings, resources, the online community or member events.

You can sign up again at any time if you decided you would like to rejoin.